what is html

today i will show you what is html.
html stands for hyper text markup language.
basically html use for make a web page.such as
<!DOCTYPE html>  declaration defines this document to be HTML5
<html>           element is the root element of an HTML page
<head>            element contains meta information about the document
<title>Page Title</title>  element specifies a title for the document
<body> element contains the visible page content

<h1>ripon hossain</h1>element defines a large heading
<p>chopol.</p>element defines a paragraph


<html> basically its starts like that. its called tag. its start like that.

</html> and this tag end like that.

this is called double tag. start part and end part. but there have some single tag. such as <img/>,<link>it has no end like other.
html is a language. if you run the code which i have write the output will be ‘ripon hossain chopol’.
you just can think it as your body. html can make your bone means the stuckture of your body.as html make the stuckture of any website.


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