how to install emmet in brakets easily

at first i will tell you why we use emmet. we use emmet to write our code very quickly neat and clean.high speed work when we need.
guys its time to take less time to code on brakets. i will show you how to install emmet on brakets and how to use it.
first guys all of you install the brakets and open the software.look at your top will see extension maneger like the picture.
then you will see three option and you go to avilable option. then in the search box you write emmet.then click on install and your emmet will be as image

then you should think how to use that. i will show you.

nav>ul>li if you write this and press tab button the code will be like that
now i am giving you as many as i can.

! guys this is magic. if you write ! and press tab  the code will be below that. isnt it so easy. its very interesting.

Alias of html:5
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=”en”>
<meta charset=”UTF-8″ />





<li class=”item1″></li>
<li class=”item2″></li>
<li class=”item3″></li>
<li class=”item4″></li>
<li class=”item5″></li>


if you dont undersatnd see my video or contact with me.


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